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Why Custom Wedding Invitations?

Happy Wednesday!

So you're probably pinning every cute wedding invitation that pops up on your Pinterest page, am I right? Look over your board and ask yourself, "What do all of these invitations have in common?" I'll let you in on a little secret...99% of them are custom. Something about them, whether it's the beautiful watercolor, the wax seal, the ribbon, SOMETHING stands out to you that makes you feel a certain way and your brain says "I want THAT!" It looks different than all the rest and it screams personality.

Every bride planning a wedding is trying to figure out how to be unique. The constant thought of, "How can my wedding be different from other weddings?" Well look, all weddings have (relatively) the same framework - what makes your wedding unique is YOU!! Adding elements of YOU in every aspect is what makes your wedding feel special.

It all starts with the invitations (and your true love of course). The invitations set the tone for your big day. They're a tangible object the guests receive months in advance in anticipation for your wedding celebration. Guests will potentially see your invitation for months on their refrigerator, so why not give them a beautiful piece of art too look at?! The ONE piece of your big day the guests get to enjoy for more than a few hours 😅 Sad... but true. So why wouldn't you want to send invitations that are as unique as your love story? Adding in important milestones and passions you and your partner share is a great way to make the guests feel more connected and included in your journey together.

Everyone knows it's not in your best interest to get hung up on all the little details about your big day, something unexpected will always happen. IT IS in your best interest, however, to SHARE the little details that make up you and your partners relationship. A marriage isn't about the party, it's about celebrating the love and the future you are creating together. It's about enjoying the little moments together with the ones you love along the way.



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