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Wedding Color Trends

Hi Friends!

Summer is almost here, and even though Colorado just got six inches of snow last weekend *gasp*, I am ready to bust out all of the bathing suits and tank tops! On top of me aspiring to live my best summer life, I am SO excited to see all the summer weddings unfold!! Last June, I attended my first wedding since *C word* started, and it felt amazing. It was the most excited I have been at a wedding in a long time (except for my own, of course #schmatzfest). It was the biggest sense of normalcy I had felt in over a year and a half, and everyone in attendance showed up 110%. I know this summer will be the same and then some. Everyone is ready to celebrate together, and this will be the first summer back where things are, dare I say, normal.

I hope that if you're planning a wedding, it's going swimmingly and you are soaking it all in, but most importantly having FUN with it! As I mentioned in my last post, I want to talk about COLOR! Now, before I get started, I want to be clear that I do love a good neutral. Neutrals will *always* be trending in the wedding industry. If you've had your heart set on neutrals for your big day, then absolutely go for it, they're beautiful, elegant, classy, and timeless. You go girl!

However, I personally love bright colors a leeetle more, and therefore I am beyond excited that brighter and bolder colors are officially here. Blush seems to be kindly stepping aside and sharing (or giving) the spotlight to those more vibrant colors. Said colors include, emerald (swoon), bright blues, purples, terracotta, yellow, reds, literally the list goes on. The two colors I've gotten the most requests for, as a stationer, are green and blue. There is no discrimination between shades either, people want them all!

Ok, now that we've established what side I'm on (still no hate), let's wrap things up. If you're in the early stages of wedding planning, don't be afraid to add some color! Wedding invitations are such a fun way to initially incorporate your style - so show it off! I promise, your guests will be blown away when they open a bold, fun wedding invitation. It'll make them even more excited for your big day. #trustme



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