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Custom watercolor wedding invitations are just as beautiful as they sound. Whatever season or theme you’ve chosen for your big day, a watercolor will enhance the invitation. Perfect for casual or formal weddings, these invitations will give off a whimsical and romantic vibe. Your guests will love opening their envelope, seeing all the pretty colors and details that went into the design of your invitations. If you have a certain idea or template in mind and blend it with the perfect paper and watercolor, you will have a unique wedding invitation that will be worth saving.  

Creating a custom watercolor wedding invitation is quite easy to do. It all starts with deciding the template invite you want to use. Once you decide on the design, you will create a piece that is completely your own by selecting the colors of your choosing. Once you select the colors, you will choose from an assortment of paper options to harmonize with your style and theme. Finally, you will choose the perfect envelope to enclose your watercolor invites. Do not choose something plain, basic, or forgettable for your special day. Go the extra mile to make sure everything is exactly how you want; your ideal wedding day starts with the perfect wedding invitation.  

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